Woman Gets Beheaded For Snitchin’ (*Super Graphic!*)


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  • juan

    is this legal to post on here? EW
    why would anyone post the death of someone so people can see it?.
    this should be reported,

    • Bigggz

      good luck mr reporter lol

    • Josh turner

      You watched it. Dummy

  • Jay G

    Damn… Well she took it like a g I guess..

  • southern smokers

    Off with her head red -queen voice

  • J

    Took him like 45 minutes

  • TaylorTayman


  • Mainman

    Oh my (throws up)

  • ..I..

    You sick ass fagots you need to be tortured for this shit and so does anyone watching that likes this.

  • ★Savage☆

    How do I flag this shit need to be banned from here

  • Bigggz

    First let me say dis…so calld hood folks say dont snitch, snitches get stitches, I will kill a snitch, etc. Its funny how soon as a snitch gets killed, oh nooooooo thts terrible! U lames are a joke!

  • BreakfastInBedAgain

    Very gross! However, the cartel is not a joke! Period! When I first saw this it made me want to go BACK to law school again after 9 long years. In other words, I don’t want nothing to do with drugs.

  • William Hayes

    Why did you post this?

  • Josh turner

    This video, unlike the fake ones put out by Isis, is a real beheading. This is disturbing. What’s more disturbing though, is below it it says “other videos you may like.” Wow