St. Louis Police Officers Shoot & Kill Man As He Approaches Them With A Knife (Warning: Graphic Content)


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  • LookAtThatThirstyAzzNigga

    Killing a man with a knife is unnecessary. These cops don’t have any type of training these days. U can easily shoot him in the leg & disarm him without killing him.

  • Bigggz

    This crazy! Th only reason this keeps happenin is cause they only get fired at worst. For da record, the police dont care bout nun of us. Tht includes blacks, whites, brown, yellow etc. If u disagree it wont be long til u find out

  • realist…

    If you ask me… american police dont get paid enough that they can justify their own lives. They are humans, if you got approached by soemone with a knife, i rexkon nearly ALL of you would defend yourselves no matter what extent.
    All of you americans DEMAND protection, freedom, laws against wrong, but when those rules are followed, you all complain.
    Deal with it! Its gunna keep happening, its your culture. Its not going to change because you are all too stubborn and self righteous…

    • JR

      they could have tased him not kill him then put him in cuffs when hes already dead this aint the first time i seem cops kill someone with a knife shoot them sevral times then cuff them when they are already dead wtf is that? cops are abusing their power an its getting worse

  • BreakfastInBedAgain

    he posed NO threat! First of all there were two cops & secondly they had guns…crazy