Asian Girl Gets Beaten And Stripped Naked (*WARNING* THIS VIDEO IS GRAPHIC!)


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  • ThatDudewhocommented

    I currently wanna throw every person, that just molested that child for whatever reason down the stairs!
    This is child porn, a kind getting sexually and verbally molested.
    She gets beaten up.
    That is in no way something, that should be available to the public without a discret disclaimer.
    Please do not think, that she is already, just because she didnt spit blood or cried.

  • Dan Konrath

    just donĀ“t mess with jap girls… i know asian pussy tastes good but they are ruthless and they gonna beat you up no matter who you are.

  • LookAtThatThirstyAzzNigga

    Wish some hoes would try & jump my sister. Would break all their legs & shatter all their knee caps. That’s just being nice

    • BreakfastInBedAgain

      I know thats right! Its also crazy how some of the girls don’t fight back. At least try!

  • Michael Borg

    damn i thought japanese people were like non violent i guess i was wrong damn i guess america has gotten to them sometimes im ashamed to even be an american oh god

  • King Kilo

    This is so fucked up. They aren’t Japanese btw… stupid ignorant people thy are Chinese.

  • YourFather

    Not Japanese, they are chinese you faggots.

  • crazyolohacker

    I am just syinf jappanease ang korean peolpe are fucked up

  • I am deeply disappointed with how that poor girl was treated. I hope the other girls burn in hell. I wish they would get the same treatment they gave to her.