Dad Beats His Daughters With A Cable For Twerkin’ On Facebook


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  • Matthew


    • phatpat23

      Hell yeah bring back the old school parenting when kids actually got whipped for doing sumthing they shouldn’t just think if a pedophile was to try to trick them by saying he was a making a video and he wanted to be in it so the dad needed to whoop that ass to make them think about wat they are doing

  • Chris

    Good, maybe girls should learn to stop being skanks. I have no problem with a father properly disciplining his own daughter over something she’s doing that is a disgusting atrocity to American society.

  • my niggaaa

    Hell yeah go dad!

  • Anonymous

    This is one of the worst things I have ever seen. You should never hit a girl and child abuse is wrong. I can’t beleave that people are supporting the dad. They did one thing wrong forgive them not beat them with a cable

  • Nomad

    That is why America is going down the drain nobody has morals anymore and you down the father for doing his job those of you who down him for whipping them for not being lady like but none of you will be there when his children are having underage sex or end up pregnant now if more parents would get in their kids shit then those kids wouldn’t have been shoot up in their class rooms for no reason because someone else didn’t pay attention to their child and would know that they have guns in their house and had detailed plans of what they were going to do

  • chon22

    I hate that fuking dude

  • Komit

    I wonder if they will be posting any more twerking videos on facebook?

  • eg

    You need to get ur fuckin ass beat id love to do it

  • big larry

    Nomad said it the best way possible

  • nukka


  • nukka


  • PainKiller

    Whip them !!! Whip them !!!

  • Ray Powell

    The video is not playing on my phone

    • We are Aware Of This Issue & We Are Working To Resolve This. Thanks For Your Patience & Videos Will Play Normally Momentarily. Stay Tuned!

  • Killa

    U made the bed now sleep in it

  • Killa

    White people need to take notes

    • JR

      white ppl? white ppl aint got shit to do with it u rasist fuck

      • Killa

        Don’t cry white person just kill yourself

        • JR

          lol i dont cry bitch with ur fake ass name (killa) how weak is that

          • Killa

            Pussy ass white boy

          • JR

            talk so tuff behind a screen but not to my face…now whos the pussy an who said anything about me being white ya dumb fucking nigga

          • JR

            lol so tuff behind a screen smh

    • Slavery

      you do know you all learned how to do that from white people over 150 years ago.

  • Killa

    I wish my kids do some shit like that ass whoooooopin time beat the dna out they ass.

  • Bigggz

    imho….discipline is needed! spare the rod, spoil the child…period…bet she wont do it no more tho

  • Cam is PR

    More black parents need to be like this. The youth of today ( especially the black youth ) are failing in human morals and competence because of lack of parenting.

  • Rodney Montague

    These are the same type of hoes that be in niggas’ faces talking about they’ll beat his ass.